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23 Unexpected Flavor Combos That Taste Amazing

2. Strawberries + Fava Beans

Try it in chef Chris Cosentino’s Fava Bean and Strawberry Salad with Pecorino.

3. Salmon + Licorice

Salmon in liquorice gel at The Fat Duck restaurant. See it re-created here.

5. Chocolate + Sage

Fried Sage on Spicy Beef Jerky with Dark Chocolate by photographer Zack Burris.

9. Egg + Beet

Try it in Gourmet’s Aussie Burger recipe.

10. Egg + Coconut

Southeast Asia’s Kaya jam — a delicious combination of coconut milk, eggs, and sugar — is gaining popularity in the U.S., thanks to chef Susan Feniger’s new cookbook Street Food. In Asia it’s a breakfast dish and is spread on butter toast.

Try a recipe for Kaya Toast here.

11. Strawberry + Tomato

Try it in Eleven Madison’s Strawberry Gazpacho recipe on food52.

13. Butternut Squash + Lime

Try it in this recipe.

14. Oysters + Watermelon

Try it in a recipe for Oysters on the Half Shell with Watermelon Granita from Martha Stewart.

15. Avocado + Coffee

Blend 1/2 avocado with 1 cup brewed coffee (cooled), 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk 2 tsp vanilla and ice cubes.

18. Chocolate + Onion

Get directions here.

19. White Chocolate + Caviar

Get directions here.

21. Cinnamon + Thyme

Try it in a recipe for Cinnamon-Thyme Chicken. There’s also a video.

22. Shrimp + Walnuts

Get the recipe for Chinese Honey Walnut Shrimp.

23. Basil + Cloves

Italian cooks sometimes put a pinch of ground cloves in pesto; the two foods share a sweet compound called eugenol.

Find more info about flavor combinations in Niki Segnit’s book The Flavor Thesaurus, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s book The Flavor Bible, and on

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