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24 Rainy Manchester Problems

Bring your brolly.

1. When you check the weather forecast and it looks like this.

2. Every day.

James Daniels @el_melocoton

Definately the wrong shoes to wear in manchester #pissingitdown

Lorrie Hearts @LorrieHearts

@froovyjosie That's what Market Street is for. CHEAP SHOES. It's Manchester – you can only wear shoes <5 times before the rain kills them!

12. And you’ve basically given up on any hairstyle that’s not “windswept”.

Ruth Ibegbuna @MsIbegbuna

It's impossible to cultivate and wear a proud afro hairstyle in Manchester! My inner Angela Davis spirit is thwarted by endless rain #sponge

13. You start feeling sorry for tourists who didn’t get the memo.

Urban_Savage71 @Urban_Savage71

Listening to tourists in Manchester…… “It I'll stop raining soon” ….Mmmm not been before have you! #pissingitdown

14. But you’re used to it now, so you don’t have too much sympathy.

Adam Mills @Number1Adam

So True #Manchester

17. Sometimes this happens.

Anthony Hilton @TruthfullTony

Well thats something you don't see every day, a half naked man playing the violin on his balcony in the rain! #Manchester #Random

18. And this.

Bingley Life @bingleylife

It's #manchester and it's #rain

20. You’re constantly looking for things to shelter under.

The Oast House Mcr @TheOastHouseMcr

We've got some special guests making the most of the weather! #manchester #rain #ducks #oasthouse

22. You worry you’re actually starting to like the rain.

Clark Nova @beatniksalad

I pull into the city, the skies darken, the rain begins. It's good to be back. #Manchester

The Lucky Rainbow @TheLRainbow

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, raaaaaain!!!!! #Manchester

23. You even miss it when you go away.

24. Because, honestly, it feels like home.

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