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24 Signs You Were Obsessed With “He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe”

1. You knew this theme song by heart:

2. You collected all the action figures…

3. …the awesome playsets…


5. …and even the She-Ra action figures (they were NOT dolls). But, only because they were part of the He-Man canon.

6. You had the ultimate playset:

It also made you the envy of all your friends.

7. Your room was DECKED. OUT.

8. These were essential wall art:


9. This was the best sound you could hear:

10. Nothing blew your mind more than the shocking revelation that She-Ra and He-Man were brother and sister.

11. This was the only way your parents could get you to brush your teeth.

12. Sleepover at your BFF’s? Camping trip? Got to bring your sleeping bag…

13. …And your Hide n Sleep.

14. Highlights magazine? Nope. This was all the reading material you needed.


15. There was only one thing you wanted to be for Halloween:

16. On your way to school? He-Man had your school supplies covered …


17. …and your lunch.

18. You called the Official He-Man & She-Ra Hotline — just for the chance to win the free action figure — much to your parents’ phone bill’s dismay.

19. Of course you collected Panini stickers.


20. You dragged your entire family to see this:

21. You loved this movie — even though it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

22. This movie really makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever, but you watched it over and over again.

23. You knew this show was just a ripoff.

24. Like Dustin Diamond, you might have a had Glamour Shot with your He-Man.

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