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24 Unusual Love Cards For Couples With A Twisted Sense Of Humour

Bit by bit, greeting cards are (regrettably) becoming a thing of the past. The more creative stationery artists and designers out there, however, are coming up with cute and novel card ideas to match the way we communicate in the digital world while still anchoring everything in a beautiful physical and visual presentation.

Inspired by Huffpost’s article on unconventional greeting cards, we decided to find some more clever and creative love cards and share them all with you. Check them out!

Designed by: NaughtyLittleCards

Designed by: beeisforbear

Designed by: The Little Illustrator

Designed by: TuxPress


Designed by: Better Tomorrows

Designed by: MyLittleShopOfWonder

Designed by: NannaKoekoek

Designed by: emilymcdowelldraws


Designed by: LostMarblesCo

Designed by: Hubbawelcome

Designed by: StudioFusco

Designed by: thelittleillustrator

Designed by: Lissa Loo Stationery

Designed by: ChooplHandmade

Designed by: BEpaperie

Designed by: AvEHdesigns

Designed by: BEpaperie

Designed by: beeisforbear

Designed by: JulieAnnArt


Designed by: laLagracepaper

Designed by: DarkroomandDearly

Designed by: Coquevama


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