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25 Reasons Why Crutches Are The Spawn Of The Devil

Even though they hold you up, you still can’t stand them.

1. You can’t ever hold ANYTHING…

Savannah B @Savann_12

Crutches are no problem. Another reason why I love my basketball shorts

3. Your armpits become bruised to their very cores.

A @AtoosaHaghani

The struggle of having crutches

5. You must think of creative ways to keep up to the same pace as your friends.

Kayla Bernard @Kaylasthugnasty

So do you guy remember the time I was on crutches,so you hauled me around in a wagon.. @riannesathug @darbylucille

8. ANYTHING but the crutches.

eegreayagah @gregwilson25

All these crutches but you still ain't fallin for me

10. It sucks getting in and out of the car with them.

11. People always want to take your crutches, because “they look fun.”

Ariana Long @longgg29

Crutches to the bar….? @catwoman1008 @mcguirkerin #dedication

13. Exercise has become a thing of the past.

Rylee Manka @ryleemanka

the biggest struggle goes to Tate for having to walk up the drive way on crutches in the snow ❄️

16. Your arms and back are severely sore from all the upper body work.

17. Even giving them googly eyes won’t make them better.

Peso!✈️ @AlexDraughn

Kevin was trying to open the door today on crutches

19. Blisters on blisters.

20. You’ve debated bearing the pain and just walking.

Kelsey Finigan @kfin1221

I have to go to the bathroom. My crutches are so close, yet so far. #SOS

22. You have a permanent smell of sweaty rubber on your hands from the grips.

23. No matter what, they will ALWAYS make you fall at least once.

Shawn Doze @ShawnDoze

50 RTs and I'll ask this other guy with crutches to race me

25. You count down the days until you can say goodbye to these bastards.

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