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25 Tools That Every House Needs To Have

Every household should have these basic tools somewhere around the premises. Living in a house has its advantages – like privacy – but maintaining one isn’t easy or simple. It’s very important to take care of things like leaks or cracks as soon as they appear to avoid bigger accidents that might occur. Check out these 25 tools that every house needs to have and complete your home tool collection.

25. Ladder Again, safety comes first – you shouldn’t use chairs and other replacements
for ladders when you can use a ladder that’s stable. With that said, a latter is an abosolute must, especially for projects like cleaning the gutters or satellite dish installments.

24. Sewing needle Why throw out ripped clothes when you can patch them and use them for
gardening and cleaning?

23. Scissors What kind of project is possible without using scissors? You should have one pair in your kitchen, one in your garage and one in your garden so you don’t go looking for them when you’re in the middle of something.

22. Protective goggles Before you start any project, you need to make sure that you’re safe and that
you can’t get hurt – protective goggles will keep your eyes safe.

21. Razor knife A sharp razor knife is necessary to cut things like ropes, wires, or even pipes.

20. Duct-tape Probably one of the most diverse tools you could possibly have, duct tape can fix just about anything. (click on the image to see what we mean).

19. Glue gun For those projects that require some gluing.

18. Staple gun For when you need to quickly secure loose items (like wires) a staple gun just can’t be beat.

17. Wire stripper For those times when you need to rewire a component a wire stripper is a must.

16. Lawn Mower If you don’t want your neighbors to think that your lawn is neglected and forgotten, you should cut the grass at least once a week.

15. Chalk An easy to use non permanent marking instrument such as chalk is a must for construction projects or any other project that necessitates a temporary marking.

14. Ruler It’s not just about the measuring capability the ruler provides, but it’s also about its straight edge which comes in handy when you need to mark a precise measurement in a straight line (such as in a series of small pictures or even a series of plants in your garden).

13. Rope A rope is a diverse tool that can be used for tying down objects, restricting certain passages, towing, or for a good game of tug o’ war.

12. Shovel If your house has a yard, then you need a shovel. Whether it’s for making a hole to plant a tree, or to uproot a stubborn plant, a shovel is the tool to use. (And let’s not forget the fact that is also needed in case of a zombie apocalypse. Click the image for more info.)

11. Leaf blower You could use a broom to sweep all the trimmings and leaves off your lawn. But its considerably faster if you just use a leaf blower.

10. Hedge Trimmer If you want a crisp, clean-looking, hedged yard, you’ll need to invest in a hedge trimmer.

9. Broom This may sound trivial, but if you plan on keeping a clean house, a broom without question a necessity.

8. Ax You never know what you need to chop down. It could be a tree or it could be wood for your fireplace. In either case, do yourself and buy an ax for your home.

7. Flashlight A flashlight is an absolute must for every home. You never know when the power will go out or when you need to tinker with your car. But in either case a flashlight will help you illuminate your work area.

6. Chainsaw If you want to saw something large (like a tree) you’ll need a chainsaw. Warning: These are very dangerous so use caution when operating one.

5. Manual saw From sawing PVC pipes to trimming trees, a saw is a cost effective tool that will enable you to get these jobs done.

4. Wrench Key You can’t loosen a nut with your bare hands. You’ll need a wrench key for that.

3. Hammer From hanging pictures to bending mental, a hammers is a tool that is needed to accomplish such tasks. If you don’t own hammer, we highly recommend you get one.

2. Screwdriver In today’s world, many components are screwed in place with various screw types and sizes. As such, a screwdriver is an absolute necessity if you are planning to tinker with house components that have been screwed in place.

1. Drill In order to create small holes for various purposes a drill is a must. As such, a drill will serve you well for easy tasks like hanging a picture or harder ones like changing a whole plumbing system. Buying one is a great investment for your household.

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