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#AARPsucks: 8 more memorable ways to tell AARP to take a hike [pics]!/goglobalfood/status/411136750741098496

Earlier this month, Twitchy told you about eight unforgettable ways people responded to AARP junk mail.

Maybe you want to send a message that you’re not into Obamacare shills. Or maybe you just don’t appreciate receiving a membership application on your 23rd birthday. Either way, the Twitterverse continues to supply ideas for dealing with the envelopes clogging mailboxes nationwide.!/bgc558/status/411123246193340416!/grindingdude/status/410177123564134400!/JoAnn_Bill/status/409421853250174978!/im_marcie/status/411610315726405633

Will that get her off the AARP mailing list? That remains to be seen. But hey, it’s just how she rolls.!/im_marcie/status/411875121595289600


A bonus idea from Fox News contributor Jedediah Bila:!/JedediahBila/status/411927518879297537

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