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Check Out These Absurdly Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

1. Wait, those weren’t the lyrics Xtina was singing?!

RCA Records/ Pleated-Jeans / Via

Song: “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera

Actual lyric: “I just wanna feel this moment”

2. Let’s be honest: How do we know Anthony Kiedis isn’t really singing this?

WMG/ Pleated-Jeans / Via

Song: “Scar Tissue” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Actual lyric: “With the birds I’ll share/ This lonely view”

3. OK, I may have accidentally sang this exact lyric out loud once or twice.

Polydor/ Pleated-Jeans / Via

Song: “1,2,3,4” by Feist

Actual lyric: “Old teenage hopes are alive at your door”

4. You have to admit, “fish jelly” has a nice ring to it.

Sony BMG/ Pleated-Jeans / Via

Song: “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child

Actual lyric: “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly”

5. Now laugh along to some more misheard song lyrics:

6. Video comes courtesy of the always great Pleated Jeans.

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