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Community Post: 13 Goth Christmas Songs

13. The Crüxshadows – “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”

The Crüxshadows have always been one of the cheesiest Goth bands in existence, and fewer things are cheesier than this cheesy cover of an already cheesy song. Pure gorgonzola, it is. And let’s face it, most things about Christmas are cheesy, so why not revel in it with this song.

12. Type O Negative – “Red Water (Christmas Mourning)”

Fancy something darker? Type O’s certainly got it with this morbid number, which has lyrics about remembering the dead at Christmas set to some seriously ubergoth music.

11. Alien Sex Fiend – “Stuff the Turkey”

Exactly what you’d expect from an Alien Sex Fiend Christmas song – bouncy, fun and all about death and madness. Christmas cheer the goth way.

10. Love Spirals Downward – “Welcome Christmas”

A nice gentle Christmas song. One to play as the relatives arrive for Christmas lunch, perhaps?

9. London After Midnight – “The Christmas Song”

London After Midnight can be surprisingly romantic at times (“Sacrifice,” anyone?), and this song falls in line with the popular tradition of combining love songs with Christmas themes. It’s actually quite pleasant both in sound and lyrics.

8. Voltaire (featuring Unto Ashes) – “Peace in the Holy Land”

This song is great! Really catchy Middle Eastern riffs and a mash-up of carols and hymns, with all the fun and creativity you might expect from Voltaire.

7. Faith And The Muse – “A Winter Wassail”

This song is based on the old tradition of sharing wassail at winter, and doesn’t mention Christmas specifically so it would be suitable for any winter celebration.

6. Rhea’s Obsession (featuring Athan Maroulis) – “We Three Kings”

I am a fan both of Middle Eastern music and all those rare Christmas carols composed in minor key, so naturally I love this dark and exotic version of “We Three Kings.” I can really imagine the Wise Men making their trek across starlit deserts when I listen to this.

5. Danny Elfman – “Ice Dance” (from Edward Scissorhands)

I’m sure I’m not the only person out there who considers Edward Scissorhands to be a Gothic Christmas classic, so it’s only fitting that the score should feature here. Not only that, but “Ice Dance” really does evoke falling snow and winter nights, making it a perfect Christmas piece.

4. This Ascension – “Carol of the Bells”

This Ascension really know how to create atmosphere, and their beautiful version of Carol of the Bells would be very fitting background music to a darkly decorated living room lit only by candles and fairy lights…

3. Inkubus Sukkubus – “Hail the Holly King”

True to their Pagan beliefs, Inkubus Sukkubus place a lot of emphasis on the seasons in their music, so it’s no real surprise that they’ve made a Christmas song. Except, of course, it’s all about the pre-Christian celebration of Yuletide and veneration of the Holly King. The inclusion of a few bars from “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” is a nice touch.

2. Danny Elfman – “What’s This?” (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

If there’s any Christmas movie that pretty much all Goths around the globe will happily sit through, it is of course Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This song is definitely the most Christmassy one in it, and every time I hear it I get all excited and full of Christmas spirit.

1. Mediaeval Baebes – “The Coventry Carol”

Any version of The Coventry Carol could be considered Gothic in its own right – it’s a moving 16th century song about King Herod’s massacre of all baby boys in Bethlehem. Both the lyrics and the melody are incredibly haunting. Mediaeval Baebes, who are masters of creating dark and mystical arrangements of old songs, have captured both the sadness and beauty of the Coventry Carol perfectly, which is why it makes no.1 on my list of Gothic Christmas songs.

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