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Community Post: 14 Times Mary Poppins Was The Undisputed Queen Of Sass

1. When she was the physical embodiment of sarcasm:

Disney / Via

Good. For. You.

2. When she asked the question on everyone’s mind:

Legitimately concerned.

3. When she judged every and all the things:

Disney / Via

What is this shit?

4. When she didn’t even pretend to have a poker face:

Disney / Via

She came. She saw. She judged.

Disney / Via

Excuse you?

5. When she perfected the eye roll:

Disney / Via

So. Done. With. You.

Disney / Via

I can’t even.

Disney / Via

Getting real tired of your shit.

6. When she refused to give into peer pressure:

Disney / Via

I do what I want.

7. When passive aggressive was her middle name:

Disney / Via

Bitch please.

8. When she sassed her mirror self:


9. When she out danced London’s Next Chimney Sweep Dance Crew:

Disney / Via

You just got served.

10. When she didn’t take any of Bert’s shit:

Disney / Via

My tolerance is wearing thin.

11. When she demonstrated how to throw shade via impersonation:

Disney / Via

This is you. This is what you look like.

12. When she was brutally honest to children:

Disney / Via

You mad bro?

13. When she threw mad shade with her emergency mirror:


Oh look at that, I’m still better than you.

14. When she proved that modesty is overrated:

Disney / Via

Bitch, I’m fabulous.

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