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Community Post: 24 Dances That Look Just As Silly As Twerking (Almost)

1. The modified Moonwalk

Gezengi / Via
Tumblr / Via

Are you Michael Jackson? (Or Will Smith?) No? Then stop.

2. The white man’s overbite

Funny or Die / Via

Well, I mean, I guess for some, it’s the only option.

3. Moshing

MySpace / Via

Remember when it was cool to force your way down into a crowd of hundreds of people jumping up and down and throwing punches? Me, neither.

4. That dance your boss does

Funny or Die / Via

Bad dancing is actually a course they make you take before you get your MBA.

5. Any dance you’ve ever done to your walkman

Goodreads / Via

Pssst! No one else can hear the music! (Also, don’t play. You all know what a walkman is.)

6. Grinding

We Heart It / Via

Unlike many twerks, there’s a peen on the other end of it.

And sometimes it goes really wrong…

OMG Soy Sauce / Via

Remember, kids, daggering. It’s more dangerous than grinding. By a nose.

And sometimes politicians try it…

Political Humor / Via

I’m not sure what’s worse, that girl probably breaking her neck, or Hillary Clinton getting down.

7. Any dance you’ve ever done while high

Funny or Die / Via

This is only what you think it looks like. This is not reality.

8. That dance you do when you’re happy

Diehard Stylist / Via

Will Smith also has a super-excited version of this.

Abnormally Almost Normal / Via

It also comes in “girl.”

Pop Crush / Via

9. The Twist

Seattle Twist / Via

No, seriously.

10. The Elaine dance

Reddit / Via

11. That 1-2-3 shuffle thing

Reddit / Via

Does someone have to go to the bathroom?

12. The “He-ey, baby”

Huffington Post / Via

13. The headbob

Funny or Die / Via

14. Basically, any dance done by a white person

Funny or Die / Via

Even Batman

Smosh / Via

And Napoleon Dynamite

Benkling / Via

Although the jury is still out on this one. He did rock pretty hard.

And especially if you’re Gary Busey.

Funny or Die / Via

Okay, maybe the Blues Brothers can get away with it.

My Fitness Pal / Via

And you. I’m not talking about you. I’m sure you’re an excellent dancer. It’s only all those other people.

15. The washing machine

Funny or Die / Via

Or is it the Cabbage Patch?

16. The lawnmower

Lockerz / Via

Really, any dance named after an appliance is a no-no.

17. Disco

Funny or Die / Via

Although this hasn’t always been the hilarity it is today. They used to take this very, very seriously.

18. Roller Disco

sb198 / Via

It’s disco. On roller skates. It cannot be cool.

Unless you’re this person.

Cornelis Verwaal / Via

Haters gonna hate.

19. The conga

Gifs Dancing to Music / Via

20. The running man

Tumblr / Via

21. Ballet

Funny or Die / Via

Just kidding. (This isn’t ballet.)

22. Line dancing

Moves Like Travolta / Via

Okay, so this guy (John Travolta) actually seems to have it down, but that’s kind of what he does (dances). You can’t fool me. I’ve been to weddings. I’ve seen line dancing in real life.

23. The cowboy

Or whatever it is you call this. (Haha, The Apache, actually. The opposite of the cowboy.)

24. The Carlton

Tumblr / Via

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