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Conan O’Brien Responds To Taylor Swift’s Music Video ’22′

Replying to videos with a video response is an integral part of the YouTube social experience. Usually, channels for professional TV shows simply upload clips from recent shows, but Conan O’Brien has recently started to make his Team Coco YouTube channel more personal by posting video responses like everyone else. 

He started things off by replying to HouseHoldHacker, but now his video response for Taylor Swift‘s latest hit single to sweep the web, 22, has gone viral, amassing over a quarter million views

Conan explains that he remembers being 22 and it was nothing like what Taylor sings about. 

“When you’re 22 you’re not living in that apartment. You’re living in a really crappy $380 a month apartment. And I didn’t see any Ramen noodles, because that’s all you’re eating at 22.”


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