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Heh: Jimmy Kimmel’s #twerkburn hoax destroys faith in the Internet!/jimmykimmel/status/377302028180930560

That viral video of a woman twerking her way through a table and setting herself on fire? Yes, it’s still a great summary of Obama’s week, but last night Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he was trolling the Internet hard.!/jimmykimmel/status/377305122209947648!/daphneavalon/status/377307775526637568

Rest her soul.!/daphneavalon/status/377310041826533376

Let’s just hope stunt woman Daphne Avalon (if that is indeed her real name) never has a real twerking mishap.!/richardroeper/status/377308968021807104

If you can’t believe the most magnificent twerking fail ever, what can you believe?!/mariaciise/status/377403509408141312!/cthagod/status/377362861783547904!/JazmynInc/status/377331842380079104!/lexiedonner/status/377380397728145408

Faith in the Internet: Destroyed. Faith in America: Restored.!/lolo488/status/377280008063967232

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