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How To Cope Now That You Know Tiva Is Over

1. When you found out Cote de Pablo hadn’t renewed her contract with NCIS, you probably didn’t react well.

Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS. That is so crushing to me. We’ll never get to see Tiva together now…

4. You didn’t want to believe it.

5. The world was conspiring against you.

6. You might have even felt like punching someone.

7. You questioned the decision.

8. You remembered all the beautiful moments that, even though they were little, felt so big.

How could they take this away from you?!

9. It was like your chair fell out from beneath you. But not in a funny way. In a terrible, terrible way.

11. For a second, you thought maybe you could hide until it was over.

12. At first, when you knew that the producers promised the “appropriate closure,” you thought of Gibbs.

13. But then you found comfort in the other NCIS characters you know and love.

Thank you for saying that, Abby.

14. And then you had a moment of clarity, and it was like a smack upside the head.

15. Since Tony and Ziva won’t be coworkers anymore…

16. …Rule 12 doesn’t apply to them!

However briefly, they can get together! For real!

17. And then you were cautiously hopeful.

18. Maybe this will turn out okay after all.

19. Who knows? Maybe “appropriate closure” means answers! So just try to keep smiling.

20. And, you know, if you’re not into Tony and Ziva, then you probably agree with Lori:

@TVLine @eyesonly321 @MattMitovich I hope they can get the show back to what it was before they started with the Tiva crap, but doubtful.

22. Oof, seriously though, we need a group hug.

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