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Justin Bieber graduates, sparking graduation gift idea gold!/TMZ/status/199939061367054336

Justin Bieber graduates high school and #Biebergraduationgifts is now trending worldwide. We don’t know if these are the kinds of gift ideas that TMZ was hoping to get when they started the hashtag, but they sure make us giggle.

Chest Hair #BieberGraduationGifts

— Ram Greywall (@RAMAN__G) May 8, 2012

#BieberGraduationGifts A class on doing the"prison pose"so he can continue his transformation n2 the hardcore hip-hop beast that he is

— Skyy B. Daniels (@SkyyDaniels) May 8, 2012

A few more stylists and handlers to help pretend he's trendy. #BieberGraduationGifts

— Condescending Sarah (@ExESPNSarah) May 8, 2012

#BieberGraduationGifts : a growth spurt

— cara (@cfrdnflds) May 8, 2012

#BieberGraduationGifts Puberty.

— Veezus (@VillosaurusWrex) May 8, 2012!/itsSmashleyBtch/status/199939493682348032

Oh yes, please. Because, our mind’s eyes are still traumatized from that one.

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