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‘Making me sick’: Rand Paul and Cory Booker’s ‘love fest’ isn’t pretty; Update: Deleted tweet!/DLoesch/status/494147247865880576

Well, we could’ve done without this little exchange:!/CoryBooker/status/494144108509007872

They even retweeted each other:!/SenRandPaul/status/494144369499586560

(Update: Sen. Paul deleted his RT.)


Now, it’s worth mentioning that Booker and Paul are working together on legislation regarding nonviolent juvenile offenders. So they’ve got a bit of a rapport going. How nice for them.

But couldn’t they have just left it at that?!/GarrisonMark/status/494115273562025985

Tiptoes? More like stomps.!/ConservNut2/status/494149552232861697!/elianayjohnson/status/494145796086841346

Seriously. Don’t those two have better, more important things to do?!/monbud/status/494145911514472448!/michellemalkin/status/494150650855292929



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