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Man Receives Tumor Instead Of The Kindle He Ordered

A British man received quite a shock when the courier service thatwas supposed to be delivering a Kindle to his address sent him a package containing a tumor tissue sample from Americainstead.

The sample was supposed to be sent to the Royal Free Hospital in London, yet somehow ended up in Bristol at the home of James Potten, who had been expecting to receive the e-reader, which he had ordered online.

FedEx had initially delivered the package to MrPottens door while he was out, so he contacted the courier asking them to return once he got home. The driver then headed back to the house, bearing a package with the recipients name and address.

However, when MrPotten opened the parcel, he discovered a box marked patient tumor specimen enclosed. After seeing this, the still Kindle-less environmental consultant got back in touch with FedEx, asking them to retrieve the package and deliver it to the correct address.

Presumably this is a very important package, that needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible, MrPotten told news outlets, adding that there is a reason it has been sent from America to London, and it could be wasting valuable time while it just stays here.

Meanwhile, the Royal Free Hospital has confirmed that a package destined for one of its institutions had been erroneously delivered to an address in Bristol, and says it will now seek answers from the delivery company as to how this mistake was made.

According to Mr Potten, the tracking code on the tumor sample was very similar to that of his Kindle, which is presumably the reason for the mix-up. However, while the package has now been collected by FedEx in order to be transferred to the hospital, there is still no sign of the Kindle.

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