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Orthodox Rabbi Says It’s Jewish Law For A Husband To Make His Wife Orgasm


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach firmly believes that Orthodox Jews have the best sex, especially since his interpretation of the Talmud mandates that the woman should always come first. Literally.

Boteach, 47, is an author of kosher sex manuals who even appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” in the 1990s. He encourages married couples to experiment in the bedroom.

Although Orthodox rules are often seen as restrictive, Boteach argues that they’re simply in place to ensure that man and wife are as sexually attracted to one another as they can be.

Take, for example, the law that Jewish women must cover themselves and their hair in public. Boteach argues that parts of the body normally covered in public inevitably become erogenous zones.

When his wife takes off her wig and shakes out her natural hair, he’s more turned on than ever. He says that her hair, “the sexiest thing about her,” belongs to the two of them, privately.

Boteach also explains that sexual experimentation is necessary to keep the couple engaged. He encourages S&M and anal and oral sex, remarking that married sex is about “swinging from chandeliers.”

Sex is about intimacy and excitement, and Boteach interprets Jewish texts to mean that men and women should keep their eyes open during sex and savor every moment.

He recommends that couples avoid being naked around one another when they’re not having sex, though. He says that too much nudity makes the body ordinary instead of sexual.

Boteach’s sexual advice is applicable to all relationships, not just those that are Orthodox. Above all, he recommends excitement, intimacy and trying new things.

And he must know what he’s talking about; he and his wife, Debbie, have nine children.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Facebook

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