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Preschooler Tells Teacher His Daddys SickWhen She Calls Home, She Hears the Devastating Truth

Teachers are some of the most caring, compassionate and praise-worthy people we have the pleasure of doing life with. They spend more time in a day with our kids than most parents do, and the influence they have on a childs life is monumental.

Especially if youre Camden Petersena 4-year-old preschooler in Nancy Bleuers class.

The 54-year-old preschool teacher from Iowa came to learn that Camdens daddy was very sick from the concerned little boy. Its not part of her job to care about the parents and families of her students, but as any great teacher knows, its what makes the job totally worth it.

Nancy decided to call up Camdens dad, Darreld, and check in on him while he was sick. What she came to learn was absolutely devastating.

Darreld Petersen

The 34-year-old was in renal kidney failure, and had been placed on dialysis. But even with the help of the machine, Darrelds kidney was only functioning at 20 percent.

Nancy realized why Camden had been so scared, and without hesitation, decided to do something to help.

Rather than starting with a small gesture like baking brownies or emailing the P.T.A to raise money or start a meal train, Nancy was all in.

The preschool teacher offered Darreld HER OWN KIDNEY!

After being tested to see if she was a match, Nancy found out that she was in fact the miracle that could save Darrelds life.

Darreld Petersen

She immediately started filling out the paperwork, and couldnt wait to give her kidney to Darreld, who says he couldnt be more grateful for Nancys willingness and Sacrifice.

Its just amazing, Darreld says. There are people waiting every day for a kidney, for an organ in general. I wish there were more people like her. Shes giving me a second chance at life.

Nancy says shes excited to be a part of the Petersens journey, knowing that one day shell get to go to Camdens high school graduation, and because of her kidney, Camdens dad will be able to go too. Her kidney means many more years of happiness to be shared between this father and his sona story that could have ended much differently.

What an incredible gift this teacher is to Camden, his dad, Darreld, and all of her students. Someone who cares that deeply for the little people shes trusted with is a teacher who makes me want to go back to preschooljust so I can be in her class!

All the praise for Nancy, and for the many years of life she just added to a family who was losing hope.



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