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Rihanna Got Cryptic AF On Instagram In A Post Calling Out Her Exes

Rihanna took to Instagram to get v. cryptic on all of us.

Her post read,

None of my exs are married or in happy relationships so its safe to say that I wasnt da problem lol

Have a look for yourself:

OH, SNAP. Shots seriously FIRED on Rihannas Instagram.

The 28-year-old singer even captioned this photo by hashtagging the trophy emoji, so shit got REAL super fast. #Winning.


On the exterior, it seems as though our girl RiRi may possibly be throwing shade at all of her ex-boyfriends in this brutally honest post.

Or could this be a mask to low-key call out specifically one ex who also low-key knows hes being called out?!

One things for sure: Rihanna doesnt usually post messages like this on her social media account.

She typically graces our feeds with ~flawless~ pictures and cool videos of her performing.

Hey, girl HEY, Rihanna, are you throwing some shade in Drakes direction?

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