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Sad mom’s last-ditch effort to reach her estranged son in Australia is simple but expensive and desperate

Everyone’s had a parent who they felt was overbearing at one point or another, but this mom must have taken it to an astonishing new level. After her son moved from their hometown of from Guangzhou, China to Melbourne, Australia, he stopped answering her attempts to contact him, weary of her pressuring him to settle down and get married.

Desperate to see him for the Chinese New Year and unable to contact him, the mother took out a full-page ad titled “Letter to My Son” in the front page of the Chinese Melbourne Daily last Tuesday imploring him to come home…

Chinese Newspaper Ad

The ad’s message was simple and heartfelt…

Dear Peng, I’ve called you many times but you don’t pick up, maybe you will see this. Dad and Mom won’t ever force you to get married anymore, come home for Chinese New Year! From your mom who loves you.

No word from Peng that we know of, but it’s hard not to hope that he gives it one more go with his parents after reading mom’s plea.

(via NBC News, CNN)

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