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Selena Gomez And This Guy Might Be The Newest Power Couple

Atta’ boy, Samuel Krost!

A couple of months ago,Selena Gomez was caught bein’ hella intimate with random dude and everyday hero Samuel Krost. Never heard of him?

Thats OK. Nobody really has. Hes not a famous person, hes never been in any movies, he isnt a member of DNCE, and he doesnt even havehis own line of signature scents.

In fact, his only claim to any sort of mainstream recognition is his friendshipwith Gigi Hadid.

But that and the fact that hes allegedly going out with Selena Gomez are what make him better than the rest of us.

Krost andGomezwere recently caught looking all couple-y while leaving the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where they allegedly had dinner.

This is the second major Gomez-Krost photographto findits way online in the past few weeks; Krosthimself posted this artsy beach pic featuring Selena at the beginning of the month.

So, who exactly is Samuel Krost? Nobody really knows.

His LinkedIn page says he is a New York University graduate, heleft a job at Helmut Lang in September, is currently maybe unemployed and has limited working proficiency in Spanish — which doesnt seem like a thing you should be boasting about on LinkedIn, but then again I’m not the one dating Selena Gomez, so clearly he is better at making decisions than I am.

Samuel Krost is living the dream.

Sorry, Justin.

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