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Impressions About A Screwdriver

Jake Foushee is the young voice actor with the really deep voice who went viral over a year ago with his impressive movie trailer guy voice impression. That video stands with over 1.9 million views.  Now, he’s joined Our Pizza Gang, and recently made this video performing famous voice impersonations discussing a screwdriver.     Read more:…

Street Fighter II Church Edition

Russianvids published this video over a month ago, but it has only exploded onto the viral video scene now, garnering over one million views in just one day.  Of all the classic 90′s video arcade games, Street Fighter II maybe the most remembered. Even non-gamers can recognize the iconic sounds effects and graphics from the popular…

Drive Thru Switch Prank

YouTube pranksters have an obsession with the fast food drive-thru. For his latest prank, Jack Vale teamed up with Greg Davis Jr to pull a fast one on the employees working the drive-thru. After taking one of their orders, Jack or Greg would ask for a bottle of water, giving them just enough time to jump in the backseat…

Our Decision To Consider Heading Into Syria Gets The Stewart Treatment

It would be so much easier to take this international discussion seriously if it wasn’t surrounded by our usual cowboy talk about toughness and weakness. Let Jon Stewart put many people’s elementary school response in perspective and give our potential international intervention a bit of historical context. Read more:

Kid Wakes Up To Nirvana Playing Air Drums

This three week old video exploded online over the weekend, amassing over 630,000 hits, and being covered by YouTubeTrends, Gawker, DailyPicks, and DeathAndTaxes. While going for a drive with the young one sleeping in back, the older generation cranked up some classic Nirvana which just happened to cause the youngling to stir and awaken.    Read more:

Baby Slides Down Stairs On Stomach

“Hey son, want a bottle?” That’s all this little baby needs to hear, to turn around, get on his stomach, and slide down the stairs at top speed. Now that’s efficiency. But I have a feeling this young one will soon learn the pains of rug burn. Read more: