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Disney Princesses Are Great Role Models, Right? Ahem. Let's See Their Life Skills In Action.

Although we might dream of a fairy-tale life now and then, I think we can agree that these popular princess characters have nothing to do with real women’s experiences. Seeing what they’d be like if they were real is pretty funny. (We are so not like that, right ladies?) Why not create some positive, strong,…

Our Decision To Consider Heading Into Syria Gets The Stewart Treatment

It would be so much easier to take this international discussion seriously if it wasn’t surrounded by our usual cowboy talk about toughness and weakness. Let Jon Stewart put many people’s elementary school response in perspective and give our potential international intervention a bit of historical context. Read more:

Kid Wakes Up To Nirvana Playing Air Drums

This three week old video exploded online over the weekend, amassing over 630,000 hits, and being covered by YouTubeTrends, Gawker, DailyPicks, and DeathAndTaxes. While going for a drive with the young one sleeping in back, the older generation cranked up some classic Nirvana which just happened to cause the youngling to stir and awaken.    Read more:

Baby Slides Down Stairs On Stomach

“Hey son, want a bottle?” That’s all this little baby needs to hear, to turn around, get on his stomach, and slide down the stairs at top speed. Now that’s efficiency. But I have a feeling this young one will soon learn the pains of rug burn. Read more:

Construction Workers React To Wrecking Ball

In just one month, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus has amassed over 200 million views spurring countless covers and parodies. But has anyone noticed how dangerous Miley’s antics in the video are? Carelessly swinging a huge sledge hammer while riding a wrecking ball is certainly not following safety regulations. College Humor certainly noticed, so they put on their…

If Disney Made Star Wars Musical Parody

Ever since the initial shock and surprise of Disney’s acquisition of  Lucas Films and the Star Wars franchise, the web has been peppered with spoofs and parodies of what the new Star Wars may look like. But Awesomeness TV asks a better question, ‘What if Disney originally made Star Wars!?‘ Well, odds are there would be musical numbers interrupting…