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C3-Bieb-O Wants to Be Your Droidfriend

R2-D2 usually scores all the lady action with his thruster jets and hologram transmitting capabilities, but his droid buddy C-3PO makes a play with a new look and smoother groove. The revamped (and hairier) Threepio adopted the moniker C3-Bieb-O to remix Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” The Rebel Alliance-friendly lyrics include gems like: “So give me a…

The Day The LOLcats Died – SOPA/PIPA Parody

Today, enormous websites like Wikipedia and Reddit are voluntarily down to help spread the word about Internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA, and how the two new laws would destroy the Internet as we know it. Even Google’s homepage doodle is taking a stand against the legislation. Take a stand, contact your representatives and tell them SOPA/PIPA are bad for the Internet…

Kid Wakes Up To Nirvana Playing Air Drums

This three week old video exploded online over the weekend, amassing over 630,000 hits, and being covered by YouTubeTrends, Gawker, DailyPicks, and DeathAndTaxes. While going for a drive with the young one sleeping in back, the older generation cranked up some classic Nirvana which just happened to cause the youngling to stir and awaken.    Read more:

Pokemon Pop Music Parody Medley

What started off as just a fad has snowballed into one of the largest gaming franchises to date: Pokemon.  Geeky couple Screen Team last went viral after debuting their Christmas Themed Pop Music Medley which stands with over 3.1 million views.  Now, they’ve merged recent pop music hits–such as Timber, Wake Me Up, and more–with Pokemon to create one nerdy Pokemon…

Shawarma Master Works To Mortal Kombat Theme Song

Great Russia just posted this video of a very talented kebab stand worker in Mother Russia. As the line cook built two shwarma sandwiches, the techno theme song for Mortal Kombat pumped through the stand’s speakers. Suddenly, the line cook burst out in an epic choreographed dance to the motivating music.    Read more: