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Baby Falls Asleep While Dad Plays Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters On Guitar Lullaby

This older video published by Topcon83 in 2010 has suddenly gone viral again now, and is covered on HyperVocal, Buzzfeed, and 22Words. Dad playing Metallica’s classic Nothing Else Matters on acoustic guitar softly puts his baby son to sleep who helps by humming along as lead singer. Who knew hard rock could be such a powerful lullaby?…

One Man Disney Movie Singing Mix Medley

Nick Pitera sings a medley mixing different characters and different classic movies into one epic Disney mix. He sings music from Alladin, Beauty and The Beast, Mulan, and more. Via TheHighDefinite UPDATE: Here’s the medley with the appropriate animation clips put in sync. Read more:

THePETEBOX Future Loops – Beatboxer Performing With Guitar And Repeat Pedal Covers MGMT’s Kids

Pytrantula performs as a one man band covering Kids by MGMT with just his guitar, a repeat pedal, and crazy multitasking musical skills. The song is the first single off his debut beatbox album THePETEBOX – Future Loops which is featured on TheAwesomer.    Read more:

Song Made With Water

Andrew Huang is quickly making a name for himself online as a unique musical creator. He doesn’t just cover pop songs. He invents music in new forms.  Just check out his newest song, where the music is made entirely with only H2O.      Read more:

Taking A Stand: The National Have Announced They Arent Going To Play Their Songs Very Good Until HB2 Has Been Repealed

The civil rights of LGBT people are being threatened in this country every day, and theres no greater affront to their freedom than HB2, North Carolinas highly controversial bathroom bill. Thats why popular indie-rock band The National are standing up against the hateful law by announcing that they wont be playing their songs very good…

C3-Bieb-O Wants to Be Your Droidfriend

R2-D2 usually scores all the lady action with his thruster jets and hologram transmitting capabilities, but his droid buddy C-3PO makes a play with a new look and smoother groove. The revamped (and hairier) Threepio adopted the moniker C3-Bieb-O to remix Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” The Rebel Alliance-friendly lyrics include gems like: “So give me a…