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The Day The LOLcats Died – SOPA/PIPA Parody

Today, enormous websites like Wikipedia and Reddit are voluntarily down to help spread the word about Internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA, and how the two new laws would destroy the Internet as we know it. Even Google’s homepage doodle is taking a stand against the legislation. Take a stand, contact your representatives and tell them SOPA/PIPA are bad for the Internet…

Inside The Airbus Of The Future

It seems that air travel only gets more and more cramped and uncomfortable. Yes, new technologies have been introduced, but airlines are to busy cramming us in like sardines for us to enjoy them. Airbus has released a video of what their future cabin will look like in 2050. It’s cool, but mostly fantasy. Will…

Pokemon Pop Music Parody Medley

What started off as just a fad has snowballed into one of the largest gaming franchises to date: Pokemon.  Geeky couple Screen Team last went viral after debuting their Christmas Themed Pop Music Medley which stands with over 3.1 million views.  Now, they’ve merged recent pop music hits–such as Timber, Wake Me Up, and more–with Pokemon to create one nerdy Pokemon…

If Disney Made Star Wars Musical Parody

Ever since the initial shock and surprise of Disney’s acquisition of  Lucas Films and the Star Wars franchise, the web has been peppered with spoofs and parodies of what the new Star Wars may look like. But Awesomeness TV asks a better question, ‘What if Disney originally made Star Wars!?‘ Well, odds are there would be musical numbers interrupting…

If Instagram Was Invented In The 1980′s

SquirrelMonkey, the popular nerd channel that takes all of our favorite websites back in time, has returned with another retro episode.  This time, they offer us a peek at what Instagram would have looked like if it was introduced in the 1980′s.    Read more:

Snowball Fight

Devinsupertramp teamed up with Internet apparel store,, to create this artsy feeling snowball fight video. Surrounded by friends, and some popular YouTubers, like FreddieW, they all had one last blast of winter fun before summer.    Read more:

In Real Life Angry Birds

This short but very sweet video has amassed over two million hits in just over a week, and has been awarded YouTube’s Trending gold medal and Recently Most Popular bronze medal. Angry Birds is still all the craze, and there have been many AB themed viral videos, like the ‘in real life’ soccer Angry Birds video.…

Spike Jonze’s “Me” Parodies “Her”

SNL guest hots Jonah Hill stars in this humorous spoof of the new Spike Jonze film Her.  Instead of a guy falling in love with his operating system with a woman’s personality, Jonah falls in love with his OS that sounds strangely like himself.    Read more:

Acoustic Levitation

The Argonne National Lab of the the U.S. Department of Energy has unearthed real life magic using only sound waves. The connection isn’t fully understood yet, but scientist have discovered how to quite literally levitate droplets of solution in a controlled environment surrounded by speakers. The sound literally holds the droplets in space. Take that gravity!   Read…

Planet Earth Time Lapse Is Gorgeous

This gorgeous time lapse of our home planet by James Tyrwhitt-Drake has gone viral with over half a million hits! James created the stunning Earth time lapse using images taken by the geostationary Elektro-L weather satellite over a five day period in the summer of 2011.   Read more:

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Sneak Peek

To continue the buzz surrounding the new Hobbit movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the official Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube channel has released this special sneak peek video.  The three minute clip has fans of The Lord of the Rings franchise drooling, and has already amassed over 2.3 million hits since Monday.  The much anticipated film debuts in…

Siri Sings Stairway To Heaven

The technology behind the voice activated iPhone concierge service Siri is state of the art, and it seems everyday another layer of computing power is revealed. The latest Siri gimmick is that ‘she’ can even sing! Scoopertino created this Siri sing along to the world famous song, Stairway to Heaven. The week old video already has over…

True Facts About Morgan Freeman

Eccentric online blogger Ze Frank continues his popular True Facts series. This time, he has left the mysterious animals for a mysterious celebrity. Morgan Freeman.  Sorry Frank, but maybe you should double check your sources.    Read more: