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Disney Princesses Are Great Role Models, Right? Ahem. Let's See Their Life Skills In Action.

Although we might dream of a fairy-tale life now and then, I think we can agree that these popular princess characters have nothing to do with real women’s experiences. Seeing what they’d be like if they were real is pretty funny. (We are so not like that, right ladies?) Why not create some positive, strong,…

In WWII, Some Amazing Women Proved They Could Do The Same Jobs As Men. That History Might Disappear.

During World War II, women entered the blue-collar workforce in huge numbers all over the country. One such place was the Willow Run factory in Michigan, where the woman who eventually became “Rosie the Riveter” worked. That factory is about to be torn down, but there’s a group of people working frantically to try to…

Our Decision To Consider Heading Into Syria Gets The Stewart Treatment

It would be so much easier to take this international discussion seriously if it wasn’t surrounded by our usual cowboy talk about toughness and weakness. Let Jon Stewart put many people’s elementary school response in perspective and give our potential international intervention a bit of historical context. Read more:

Confession: I Don't Totally Understand The Fiscal Cliff. This Guy Does Though.

Admit it, you don’t really understand everything about the fiscal cliff. Neither do I. However, Robert Reich understands it like it’s his job. Because it sort of is. He’ll explain 8 things for you so you can know what you’re talking about and stuff. Read more: