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Unflappable Bird (Video)

While one could say that this sad looking sparrow doesn’t fly away from the windshield wiper because it’s soaked through from the rain, I have no idea why the other bird is stuck to that car – other than superglue or pure unflappability. via Tastefully Offensive Read more:

Meanwhile in Japan… (Video)

Some weird Japanese guys do a parody of the Korean pop group Girls’ Generation and their 2009 hit single Gee. Thank God they are only dancing. via Read more:

Vow of Silence (Video)

John Lutz (30 Rock) stars as the front desk clerk of a NYC hotel in the new web short series from the Above Average. In this episode he tries to communicate with a guest who has taken a vow of silence, played by Fred Armisen… Sent by Mike Read more:

SNL: Couple’s Booty Rap at Legends Bar (Video)

SNL‘s Aidy Bryant and Chris Pratt play a couple who meet in a bar and use rap music to express how they feel about each other. Because nothing says flirting like rapping about your big fat ass… If you are outside of the U.S., you can try this video instead: via SNL Read more: