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The 5 Most Affordable Places To Raise Your Kid If You Can Already Tell Theyre Going To Be A Fuckup

Looking for the perfect place to settle down? These five cities are diamonds in the rough for any parent whose kid is clearly going nowhere.

1. Toledo, Ohio

With high salaries and low housing prices, Toledo brings incredible value to the table. The schools arent great, so if you already know your kids ceiling is pretty low, Toledo might just be your dream city.

2. Denton, Texas

The Lone Star States 25th-most populous city is an unsung haven for anyone whose kid has underachiever written all over them. Denton boasts short commutes, affordable public transit, and plenty of gas station parking lots for your dimwitted son or daughter to hang out in all summer long.

3. Shreveport, Louisiana

Buffalo offers all the perks of city living on a budget, and with graduation rates hovering around 53 precent, your kid can drop out of high school and still fit right in while your family enjoys low real estate taxes and a couple of parks.

5. Wichita, Kansas


Their symphony recently got a pretty bad review, but honestly, that should only factor into your decision if youre certain you have a kid worth bringing to the symphony. Youre gonna have to do a gut check on this one. Maybe if your kid really has their act together, its worth shelling out for St. Louis, but otherwise, dont overthink it. Wichita is plenty.

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