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The Making Of This Beretta Shotgun Is Nothing Short Of Incredible (Video)

I find it endlessly fascinating to learn about how different objects are made. It’s something most of us never really stop to ponder; we just blindly use these objects, taking life’s conveniences for granted.

So naturally, I’m consumed by this video created by Beretta, which celebrates the time-tested method through which the company’s handcrafted shotguns are made.

Of course, guns are neither everyday objects nor are they something I support.

Regardless, I find the craftsmanship and pride that the makers take in their work utterly beautiful.

The short was created in collaboration with Ancarani Studio in celebration of the “uniqueness and distinction of every Beretta premium gun.”

Even if, like me, you’re against the ownership of guns, watching how they’re created is undeniably interesting.

Check it out for yourself up top.

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