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The Sublime Beauty Of Wikipedia GIFs

Wikigifs, created by Joel Franusic, is a single-serving site that shows you a random GIF from Wikipedia’s servers with each click. Wikipedia was founded in 2001 and didn’t really hit its stride until 2004, but these thousands of GIFs are pure ’90s — created, as most of Wikipedia’s content is, by users.

There’s something soothing about looking at Wikipedia this way; it’s the sum of human knowledge, at least on the Internet, distilled into a bunch of pixelated, dithered, borderline-inexplicable animations. Minus context, they become almost beautiful. And they raise questions too. Like:

3. Who are these men?

4. What terrifying “game” is this?

5. What do these arrows mean? And what — or WHO — are they pointing at?

6. Why didn’t I stick with calculus for a few more years?

7. What happens when we ARRIVE at this mountain range?? Who will be waiting for us at the top?

8. Where can I find Dancing Coke?

9. Which Wikipedia editor made this GIF? Does he live in my state??

10. Is this how babies are made?

11. What’s the deal with TRIANGLES?

12. Does this lil guy have a name? Can we keep him? Pleeaasssseeee???

13. This one’s just cool:

Here, try it for yourself. I could click this site for hours. WELCOME TO THE NEW “ART.”

Thanks to @selviano for the tip.

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