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These Creative Snapchats Between Friends Will Make You Want To Up Your Texting Game

1. Whenever my friend Kristin or I goes on vacation, we Snapchat each other as creatively as possible. She recently spent the holidays in California.

2. I asked her how her vacation was going:

3. She responded:

11. Kristin:

12. Shortly before leaving, Kristin had been in an accident. She was on her bike and a van hit her (rude) and she’d fractured her arm. I asked her about it:

13. Kristin:

15. Kristin:

17. Kristin, changing the subject back to food:

19. After that I didn’t hear from her for a day, which I probably deserved after my rude sushi Snapchat. Eventually she responded:

20. …and I obliged:

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