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UK Group Attempts To Promote “Straight Pride”

1. A UK group has emerged that is dedicated to promoting “Straight Pride.”

3. Straight Pride UK’s goals include: Awareness, Equality, and Rights.

4. The site states:

Heterosexuals do not have equality, homosexuals have more rights then any sector of society. They have the right to take over city streets, dress ridiculously, and parade with danger and contempt. Straight Pride, is normal everyday people, dressed normally, walking normally, to raise awareness of being straight, and being PROUD to be heterosexual.

12. Everyone, just take a moment:

The group claims that the LGBT community has special rights and that there is a “lack of rights and equality for heterosexuals.” Of course, no matter which country you reside in, this is simply untrue. The LGBT community is making great strides, but in terms of marriage, employment, healthcare, and other deserved rights; equality is a long way off. The mindset of this website is not one of genuine desire to celebrate straight pride.

When Gay Star News called the site “anti-gay”, the site’s authors responded with, “Interesting how that term of abuse is applied when the attention is taken off them, or they are threatened with challenged.” Gay Star News also reported that most of the more offensive tweets have since been deleted.

The site’s twitter account has tweeted messages such as, “‘We need Straight Pride to demonstrate that being heterosexual is nature’s way. We need to crush the gay agenda.” Bigoted? Only a bit. They add, “‘If the gays can have their day, so can normal humans.”

16. The group is attempting to organize a march on the same day as the gay pride march in Birmingham.

We can only hope attendance will be dismal.

22. Maybe they’re just jealous of what a fantastic time Pride is.

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