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Vice President Paul? Sounds Good To An Aide.


A Rand Paul aide adds fuel to today’s comment by Rand Paul about running for Vice President with Mitt Romney, reiterating to BuzzFeed that the nod would be an honor for Paul.

“Sen. Paul was answering a hypothetical question posed by a local reporter,” the aide said, adding that his father Ron Paul is still in contention for the Republican nomination.

“However, if Rep. Paul does not win and the eventual winner wishes to consider Sen. Paul for the vice presidential position, of course he would be honored. Why wouldn’t someone consider it an honor to be asked to run for the second highest office in the country?”

Ron Paul’s campaign manager Jesse Benton told BuzzFeed, “It’s always an honor to be considered for a position like that. Rand would be great vice president and a tremendous asset for for any GOP ticket. He’s certainly on our short list.”

It’s the latest indication that Paul world is moving into Phase II: elect Rand.

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