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What Washed Ashore In Turkey Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever.

One of the most disturbing and strange creatures washed up on the shore of Turkey this week. 39 year-old Turgul Metin, a gym teacher, spotted it on the shore. At first glance, it wasn’t obvious what kind of animal it was… it seemed like a strange creature from the deep.

Upon closer inspection, the animal was discovered to be a two-headed dolphin.

(H/T Elite Daily)

The dolphin was just a calf (or technically, two calves). It was approximately 3.2 feet-long and looked to be about a year old. It was incredible that a creature like this with polycephaly (having two heads) was able to survive that long in the wild.

It’s not known what the cause of this mutation is. It could be a normal genetic mutation, radiation, pollution or something we’re not even aware of. What is certain, though, is that it’ll haunt my nightmares.

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