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Woman spits on Romney supporter at ‘Wisconsin Women for Mitt’ event!/PostCrescent/status/236564117480169472

An 83-year-old woman was removed from a ‘Wisconsin Women for Mitt” event after spitting in the face of a Romney supporter.

The Appleton Post-Crescent reports that Mary Hoglund interrupted state Sen. Alberta Darling during her presentation in Grand Chute, Wis., asking “Why are you against Planned Parenthood?” After being shushed by Romney supporters, video shows Hoglund spitting in the face of a elderly woman who told her to “zip it” and warning her to “get out of my face.”

Protestor spits at Romney supporter during event in Grand Chute. Check out the video:

— Robert Hornacek (@rhornacek) August 17, 2012

Well that's just classy isn't it. RT @GreenvilleNews: Romney protester spits on supporter in Wisconsin

— Beth Padgett (@BethPadgett) August 17, 2012

And this is how far its sunk: Protester spits on Romney supporter (video) –

— thomas holmes (@FOXTom50) August 17, 2012

I followed the Walker recall & Wis.Dems are vilest creatures I've seen. Protester spits on Romney supporter – JSOnline

— Mary Evans (@granmary7235) August 17, 2012

The Post-Crescent reports that Hoglund complained that she was scratched during the incident and was taken away in an ambulance.

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